Don’t confront cancer alone – pet therapy for kids

Don’t you just feel at ease when you sit next to a purring, loving kitten? Who doesn’t love a puppy? Well there is a reason for that. When we hug or touch a dog, cat or our personal pets, our heart rates slow down and breathing becomes more rhythmic. We are more in balance and at peace. This is why the Cancer Caring Center offers pet therapy at Animal Friendson selected Saturdays and at our Bloomfield Headquarters several times a year. See “Don’t confront cancer alone” at

Children are comforted by pets and the benefit to the child is amazing. Studies have shown that not only do children love the animals but they FEEL loved and are more willing to talk about their feelings so the adults in their world can help them. When a child worries and can’t find the words, they often can tell the dog or cat buddies how they are feeling. This allows the child to let go of sadness and fear. Our furry, therapy friends at Animal Friends are all about our mission, “Don’t Confront Cancer Alone” and they are the best secret keepers! Pet Therapy is just one of the many FREE services offered to cancer survivors, their family and friends. Call (412) 622-1212 for more information.