DIY snowflake activities for young kids

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Growing up in Maine, I spent the winters bundled up and playing outside in the snow. My siblings and I would put on layers of clothes so that every inch of ourselves was covered and stumble down the slippery steps just to flop into the fluffy snow covering the ground. We spent hours outside despite the cold. There’s something magical about snow that makes the cold disappear. We built snow people, raced down snowbanks in our sleds, and collected icicles to save for later. Only the promise of hot chocolate could get us to go back inside.

Now that I live in a place that doesn’t get as much snow in the winter, my kids don’t get the chance to do all of those same things. But snow is still fascinating to kids, and there’s a lot that exploring snow can teach them. I love telling my kids that no two snowflakes are alike and that they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. When it does snow, they like to comment on what silly surfaces the snow has landed on and how fast the snow might melt if it doesn’t stick around. No matter where you live — whether you get a lot of snow or none at all — it’s fun to get creative together and make your own snowy wonderland inside.

Here are six ideas for cool snowflake crafts and activities for kids who are curious about snow.

Make a Super Snowflake Headband

Daniel Tiger is so excited to play the snowflake in the Snowflake Day play. To play the part, he wears a blue costume complete with a snowflake headband! You can make a snowflake headband for your child that they can use for dress-up play, or just for fun! While you create the headband together, you and your child can talk about some of the unique things that happen during the winter where you live.

How to Make DIY Snowflakes With Cotton Swabs

It’s snowing in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood! Everyone is excited and full of winter cheer as they celebrate Snowflake Day with decorations, songs, and a special Snowflake Day show. You and your child can sing along with Daniel Tiger and his family and then celebrate your own Snowflake Day or other winter holiday. Decorate your house for the holidays with these beautiful and easy cotton swab snowflakes! Use this craft to discuss vocabulary words such as radial or talk about repeating patterns.

How to Make Snow Paint

One of the reasons snow is so much fun is because it has an interesting texture that can be molded, melted, or tossed into the air as fluff. Making two-ingredient snow paint is such a fun way to explore texture and it’s also a great sensory activity for kids! While you create, talk with your child about the changing weather and snow in winter.

DIY Snowflake Decorations

Make a snowflake from only five ingredients! With pipe cleaners, wire, a plastic spoon, water, and Borax. Make the pipe cleaners into a snowflake shape, put it into the Borax and water mixture, and watch the pipe cleaner turn into a snowflake overnight! Then, help your child explore why snow glistens in the sunlight.

Winter Wonderland Terrarium

Make a magical winter wonderland terrarium using an old empty glass jar with a lid. What kinds of things would belong in a winter wonderland terrarium? Hunt for objects outside or around the house that would fit this season. With just a few simple crafting supplies and some creativity, you can get started!

DIY Button Snowflakes

Real snowflakes appear to be white, despite being made up of translucent ice. Get creative with your child and create colorful snowflakes using buttons and popsicle sticks!

As the video content manager for PBS KIDS for Parents, Tirzah Weiskotten develops fun and engaging activities that parents can do with their kids. Tirzah enjoys encouraging her two kids to grow and learn by traveling, crafting and spending time outside together.