Delish launches first-ever kid’s cookbook


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Anyone can be a great cook! Filled with more than 100 easy-to-follow recipes, Delish’s first-ever kids’ cookbook, the Delish Kids (Super-Awesome, Crazy-Fun, Best-Ever) Cookbook (Hearst Home Kids; August 31, 2021) makes cooking easy and exciting for young chefs. 

After picking up some basic skills and helpful kitchen tricks, young chefs will be well on their way to creating impressive breakfasts, lunches, and desserts (think Mango Lassi Smoothie Bowls, Best-Ever Fettuccini Alfredo, Hot Dog Cubanos and more). 

Each recipe clearly lists any necessary equipment, the skill level required from beginner to kid pro, along with helpful tips and step-by-step photos. And because Delish is all about having fun in the kitchen, Joanna Saltz and the recipe editors in the Delish test kitchen share tons of cool tricks, including their secret to the best-ever gooey grilled cheese (psst…a waffle iron!), and how to take kids’ favorite go-to foods, like chicken nuggets and hot dogs, and turn them into something genius.

Plus, there’s more! Along with the 100 super fun recipes—like BBQ Chicken Pizza, Cinnamon Sugar Chips, and Mason Jar Ice-Cream—kids will find: 

  • “Copycat” recipes of foods from popular chains, including Chicken Burrito Bowls, Secret Menu Cheeseburgers and Shamrock Shakes 
  • “Fan-tastic” recipes inspired by kids’ favorite shows and characters such as Exploding Bonbons, Arendelle Fudge, and Kevin & Bob Oreos 
  • Fun facts about the amazing history of dishes from around the world such as cinnamon rolls, pizza, sushi and more! 
  • Special family recipes from real grandmas all around the country including Okra & Shrimp, Hamentashen, Laap, and Super-Simple Pasta Sauce 
  • A glossary that teaches essential cooking vocabulary that appears throughout the book 

Joanna Saltz is the editorial director of Delish, where she successfully relaunched the brand with a fresh editorial point-of-view geared toward food lovers – not food elitists. In addition to baking a mean a banana bread, Saltz oversees all content for the brand, including features, recipe development, social media presence, video production and the brand’s four cookbooks. She and her team also produce a quarterly print version of Delish, which is available on newsstands and by subscribing to the Delish Unlimited All Access membership program. Saltz is a graduate of The College of New Jersey and lives in New Jersey with her husband Scott, her two sons Spencer and Teddy, and her daughter Everett. She is most likely drinking a Diet Coke right now but is fantasizing about her next Dairy Queen fix.

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