Daniel Tiger’s Stop & Go Potty

An app that encourages kids to practice positive bathroom routines at the potty and at the sink.

Inspired by potty-related stories from the series and the effective related musical strategies featured in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, such as the “Stop & Go Potty” song, the new app helps kids practice stopping their play when Daniel Tiger and his friend have to go to the potty.

Daniel Tiger’s Stop & Go Potty is now available on the App Store, and is coming soon to Google Play and Amazon. 

The app features helpful information for parents based on the teachings of Fred Rogers about using the potty.

It also includes four games. Kids can build blocks with Daniel and help him stop playing and go to the bathroom when it’s time to do so. Your little one can also play Katerina’s water game and work on self-control skills, especially about stopping and going potty. The app also includes a game targeted to older siblings that allow them to play a simple stacking game with Daniel’s baby sister, Margaret. She isn’t old enough to use the potty, so children can help Mom Tiger change Margaret’s diaper. Lastly, your child can practice bathroom routines on the potty and at the sink with Daniel and Katerina, such as wiping, flushing and washing and drying hands before returning to play