Dandies Get Seasonal With Pumpkin Marshmallows

Chicago Vegan Foods has introduced a pumpkin flavor to its flagship line of Dandies Marshmallows. The seasonal variety, which rolled out in September, is made with natural pumpkin flavor to give these marshmallows a classic autumn sweetness.

Dandies are the first Non-GMO Project Verified marshmallows on the market. Like the brand’s existing classic vanilla marshmallows, Dandies Pumpkin Marshmallows are made with all-natural ingredients and completely free of gelatin, artificial ingredients, and high fructose corn syrup. Available in a mini size, the product is produced in the company’s dedicated facility, which is free of dairy, eggs, peanuts, and tree-nuts. Chicago Vegan Foods’ light and fluffy marshmallows are also free of wheat, gluten and corn, 100% vegan, and certified kosher by the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

Dandies Get Seasonal With Pumpkin Marshmallows

“It was time to add some pumpkin flavored fun to our popular Dandies line,” said Dan Reed, Marketing Director for Chicago Vegan Foods. “Air puffed to have a traditional light and fluffy texture, our marshmallows are perfect for bringing delectable, comfort food sweetness to the Fall season. Though Dandies are completely free of gelatin and high fructose corn syrup, these marshmallows melt and taste just like the marshmallows we grew up with as a kid!”

Perfect for using in holiday dessert recipes (cookies, pies and rice crisp treats please!) or putting the finishing touch on a loving cup of hot chocolate, Dandies Pumpkin Marshmallows will be available from September to December at natural foods stores across the U.S., Canada and select International markets. The SRP is $4.99 for a 10oz package. Dandies are also available for foodservice applications.



Make a batch of our Pumpkin Spice Crisp Treats and add a few drops of orange food coloring to your marshmallow cream. Instead of pressing mixture into a pan, roll into baseball size balls. Dip some cashews into melted vegan chocolate, and let harden. Stick a chocolate covered cashew into the top of a crispy treat ball. Decorate each ball with a jack-o-lanterns face using black icing.



You have probably seen this cute and easy snack idea all over the internet by now. Most recipes call for using peanut butter, which is great and simple, but I prefer making a quick date caramel and using that instead. What’s a fall season without a delicious caramel apple?



To make these super cute little candy corns I used Fork and Beans recipe for Vegan Marshmallow Hearts and just switched out the food colorings to yellow and orange to make them look like candy corns! Oh, I also used Pumpkin Dandies…because you know….pumpkin everything..



You scared? Make a batch of Crisp Rice Treats and sculpt mixture into the shape of a skull. Stick two regular size Dandies into the gaping empty eye sockets (GRAPHIC! Sorry!). Use some Dandies Minis for the teeth, and decorate the whole thing as creepy as possible with black frosting. For bonus Halloween points, garnish with Surf Sweets Vegan Sour Gummy Worms!