Creating Dental Health Awareness in Children

Making Dental Health Education Fun

Schools nationwide celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month by including dental health education into the curriculum for the month of February. Classroom activities include projects that make learning about oral health fun. The ADA and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) have resources available on their websites for teachers to use in their classrooms and parents to use in their homes: ; .
Dentists and hygienists visit schools to teach dental hygiene and provide handouts for the kids to take home. Contact your state dental association about arranging for a dental professional to visit your school:
There are also health fairs and other community sponsored events that are worth checking out. Newspapers, television stations, local family magazines, and community centers and their websites are all sources to contact for information about NCDHM events.


FREE Dental Activity Sheets for Kids

 We have free downloads for parents, teachers, and dental offices needing fun and educational handouts for children. These kids dental downloads are Color Twoothy T™, How to Brush & Floss, and the Ready-Set-Brush!™ Calendar and they’re available in both English & Spanish! To get your free kids dental activity sheets visit and click on the purple ‘free downloads’ button. Please feel free to print as many as you’d like and hand them out freely!


About the Company

The Twooth Timer Company was incorporated in February 1999. The company’s first product, Twooth® Timer, began as an idea in August 1998 during a routine dental checkup. After being told by the dentist that her children needed to brush their teeth for two minutes (instead of ten seconds!), company Founder and President, Antoinette de Janasz aka The Twooth Fairy, designed the Twooth® Timer. Through the development and marketing of the Twooth® Timer, she has learned of the importance of dental hygiene and its role in the overall health of the body.  Through her products, website, and free downloads, Antoinette hopes to share this knowledge with others and help them achieve a lifetime healthy smiles!