Conductive Education Program – Steps To Independence –

has moved to a new facility

Steps To Independence, a Conductive Education (CE) program providing services to children with motor disabilities such as cerebral palsy or spina bifida, has recently moved to a brand new facility in Robinson Township.

The non-profit organization and project of the Tides Center will offer expanded group learning rooms, specialty equipment designed to help the children walk, learn, and grow on their own, and a convenient location for families to bring their children.
“The parents, professionals and volunteers who believe in our organization and our children have worked really hard to make this move possible,” said Jen Wymer, Steps To Independence volunteer and mother of Max Wymer, a child in the Steps To Independence program. “It’s an exciting time for our program, and we’re really looking forward to letting all of the families, volunteers, and communities who have supported Steps To Independence over the years come and see the new facility and celebrate with us.”
Steps To Independence is comprised of parents and professionals offering summer and school-year programs for children ages 2 to 21 who face life's everyday challenges with a motor disability. The program emphasizes active learning in groups of four to ten students, during which students learn to be physically, socially and psychologically independent.

New location:

Steps To Independence
300 Cedar Ridge Drive Suite 311
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

The group is also debuting a new video “In Better Hands Video,” which features amazing students and visually explains how beneficial Conductive Education has been to their lives.
About Steps to Independence:
Steps To Independence, which began in 1998 as Conductive Education of Pittsburgh, is a non-profit project of the Tides Center and a member of the Inter-American Conductive Education Association. Tuition and fundraising efforts support the hiring of experienced conductors and classroom aides, the purchase of supplies and equipment, facility rental, and liability insurance. Conductive Education is not a “cure” for children with motor disabilities, but a reliable method of building independence and functional motor skills. Since 1998, Steps To Independence has ensured that this valuable program is available to families in Western Pennsylvania. For more information, please visit