Choosing Shoes for Babies & Toddlers




It is a momentous occasion when a toddler takes their first steps. It's a real first indication of moving towards a little form of independence for them and so parents cherish the moment that it happens. Toddler's feet are constantly developing therefore parents need to take care in what they place on their child's feet in order not to hinder the natural progression.

It's very tempting to buy every pair of cute little shoes you see in the shops but some can be damaging and uncomfortable to the child and because they're at such a young age, it's unlikely they'll be able to explain or communicate that too easily if it does occur. Take the advice of professionals when you want to invest in a pair of shoes for your toddler. We have put together this infographic below which details everything you need to know in relation to choosing shoes for your toddler.


Choosing shoes for toddlers