Children’s SafetyTat® Temporary Tattoos and Smart Phone Technology Help Keep Kids Safe this Summer

New SafetyTat Tattoos with Smart Phone QR Codes Keep Children and Parents Connected.

A lost child is a parent’s worst nightmare, whether in a crowd at the mall or on vacation far from home. Statistics show that 90 percent of parents will unfortunately experience this scenario.

 This coming summer SafetyTats® The Tat That Brings Kids Back®, is employing cutting-edge smart phone technology and integrated QR codes to their award-winning temporary tattoos.
SafetyTat™ brand tattoos are temporary tattoos that do the talking for a lost child. The easy-to-read tattoo is placed on a child’s hand or arm and reads, “If lost, please call” or “EMERGENCY CONTACT” and displays a parent’s mobile phone number.
Now with new customized Quick Response (QR) Codes, the tattoos include additional scannable information to further help a lost child.
QR Codes are a two-dimensional barcode readable by smart phones with a camera. In 2011, 142 million smart phones are estimated to be in use in the United States.
 At, parents can select a SafetyTat tattoo with an optional QR code to include such information as multiple phone numbers, emergency medical and allergy information and special instructions that may comfort the child if he or she becomes accidentally separated from a parent or caregiver.
 The SafetyTat QR Codes include customer-specific data – up to 114 characters of information (alpha numeric, spaces, symbols) – that can be decoded at high speeds using a smart phone.
 “I created SafetyTat tattoos specifically for kids who may not be mature enough to give their phone number, but know they can seek a responsible adult – such as another mom, a police officer, store clerk, etc. – if they are lost,” said inventor Michele Welsh. “Adding QR technology to our Tats allows us to provide one more layer of critical data to help keep kids safe.
Made with proprietary Tateck® tattoo materials, SafetyTat offers stylish designs and kid-friendly colors to ensure a child will want to wear them. Easy to apply, the peel-and-stick tattoos cannot be readily removed, peeled or smeared, are waterproof and will last up to two weeks on the skin.
SafetyTat LLC is the nation’s leading retailer of child safety temporary tattoos. SafetyTat designs, manufactures and sells a variety of temporary safety tattoo products for children customizable with a parent’s mobile telephone number to easily reunite parent and child should they become separated. Perfect for crowded venues like theme parks, beaches, school field trips and summer camps, they come in colorful varieties including allergy alert tats, Autism and special needs, Emergency contact and a proprietary waterless “Quick Stick” tattoo
SafetyTat products are currently available at numerous water parks, theme parks, zoos, museums and specialty children’s retailers worldwide.SafetyTat’s QR Code tattoos can be purchased online – available June 2011: