Center for Young Musicians – Summer Camps 2019

Center for Young Musicians –  Summer Camps in Pittsburgh Area 2019

CYM has dynamic music camps and programs for students of all ages, at locations near you. Summer is the perfect time for your child to explore music in a vibrant, enriching atmosphere. Our trained faculty have prepared experiences designed to deepen your child’s understanding of music, whether they are new to an instrument or are refining their skills.

Starting with the youngest learners, we have camps designed for EXPLORATION. The Cycle of Seasons: Summer (ages 3.5–5) will capitalize on summer themes and relate them to music concepts. Language development and listening are emphasized; campers will make their own sound games to take home. Our Music Discovery Camp (ages 3-6) will provide musical instrument exploration as children sing, make their own instruments to keep, and see older children perform. In Camping at the Seashore, (ages 5-6), young learners will explore summer sounds and sights: animals, sea shells, seagulls, and more. Campers make instruments each day to take home.

In all our early childhood camps, students will play percussion instruments, sing, dance, create ensembles, and improvise. Musical play is the ideal way to sow the seeds of the music language. Start your child on music this summer and see where it grows!

For students who are interested in trying piano or guitar for the first time, we offer Music Exploration Camp (ages 7-11) where students learn the basics of guitar and piano and listen to different styles of music, performing for families on the last day. Our Introduction to the Keyboard (ages 6-8) camp focuses on identifying harmony patterns using folk music. Both camps are geared toward the elementary beginner, and will include singing and playing percussion instruments, and learning how music is put together.

String players have camps designed specifically for them. Refine skills and learn to play with others in the Violin Book 1 Group Fun camp. Have fun reviewing pieces from Book One but with the added twist of playing with other violinists. Hone your skills with activities and polish and perfect your repertoire in new ways. Violin Book 2 students can join with other violinists in our Violin Book 2 Ensemble camp. Learn how to play in an ensemble, using new harmonies for your repertoire. Increase sight-reading skills and deepen your mastery of your repertoire. Teen Strings (ages 11-18) will focus on chamber music performance. Learn rehearsal techniques as you work in harmony with other string players. Grab a friend for this one!

Weekly programs this summer will include the CYM Summer Choir (ages 8-12), and Guitar Chamber Music (all ages). Lend your voice, or, pick up a guitar! Beginners are welcome, as are all students who want to play or sing with others and make great music!

The CYM Four Week Package option provides another opportunity for exploring or refining your love of music. Sign up for private lessons on any instrument that we offer. Adults may also take four lessons in our Time Wave program. No previous experience necessary!

Please visit CYM at for more information. Click on Programs to find our Summer Lessons and Programs page.  Give us a call at 724-935-0505 if you have any questions at all.

See you this summer!