The Campus Laboratory School at Carlow University 2023

The Campus Laboratory School is rooted in the principles and history of our founders, The Sisters of Mercy, and their tradition to focus on five critical areas of concern: immigration, nonviolence, women, racism, and earth. These are embraced in our School community and Mercy values are woven throughout the curriculum and extensive service projects.  

The Campus Laboratory School

We honor all aspects of the developing child in our environments by utilizing positive teacher language, interactive modeling, academic choice, and community building activities.

  • Curriculum and instruction at The Campus Laboratory School fosters intellectual curiosity and student creativity through the design of engaging and innovative and hands-on learning that cultivates student voice and leadership opportunities. 
  • Evidenced based practices for literacy and mathematics instruction are paired with inquiry-based learning, self-directed independent study, and project-based learning strategies respectful of a child’s development, learning style, and strengths. 
  • Faculty use multiple strategies in order to meet the needs of all children. Outdoor learning spaces are utilized throughout our University campus with our outdoor classroom being a student favorite. 
  • Mercy Service Projects are integral to the mission of our School and connected to curricula through service learning at every grade level.

Cls Classroom

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) are infused throughout the curriculum, connected to the Mercy Critical Concerns.  Students are actively engaged, and learning occurs in a more natural and sustainable manner.  Lessons are structured to reinforce content and skills logically with interventions built in based on formative and benchmark assessment and observation of student engagement and mastery of content.  A teaching artist designs special projects and unique gallery experiences for students. 

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The Campus Laboratory School Dyslexia Center & Learning Lab is designed to serve students of all ages with dyslexia and language-based learning differences. We use a multi-sensory, individualized approach based on diagnostic assessments and benchmark testing and coordinate adaptive technology and universally designed instruction.

The Dyslexia Center provides in-class supports and pull-out interventions. We are now offering after-school tutoring as well for math, reading, and homework support. Families can register using the following link:

Additionally, the Carlow Campus Laboratory School makes summer learning fun and offers a summer camp where children the opportunity to experience the outdoors while continuing to develop their personal growth and social skills. Visit 

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We would love to learn more about your child and how the Carlow Campus Laboratory School can personalize the learning experience. Learn more and schedule a tour at or call us at 412-578-6158.