Camp Invention


Supercharge Your Summer at Camp Invention!

Camp Invention® is the only nationally recognized, nonprofit summer enrichment program for kindergarteners through 6th graders that is inspired by the brightest thinkers around—the Inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame®. At Camp Invention, children are empowered to have big ideas while they take on STEM-based challenges that inspire them to question, brainstorm, collaborate with teammates and build invention prototypes.

Unmask your child’s creativity this summer in the all-new Camp Invention® program, Supercharged™, where children build confidence, learn to collaborate and transform their wild imaginations into epic creations.  Campers in grades K-6 will learn creative problem-solving skills as they team up to rebuild ships and design underwater equipment in Deep Sea Mystery™. In DIY Orbot™, participants explore circuit boards, motors and gears as they design a remote control bot to take on obstacles from sports to dance. Children collaborate with inventor superheroes and take on roles of engineers, fabricators and innovators to conquer villains in Innovation Force®. Campers become successful entrepreneurs in Farm Tech™, as they code bots to turn a polluted wasteland into a money-making machine and create devices to save animals.

Local educators will lead this action-packed program featuring exhilarating, hands-on STEM activities teaching children to question, explore, break through obstacles and embrace failure!

Camp Invention connects children to inventors who changed the world and enhances the scientific knowledge base of participants. The program hooks children and gives them high-energy, hands-on, innovative fun, while presenting them with challenges that emphasize STEM, collaboration, and entrepreneurship through innovation. Camp Invention positively impacts teacher attitudes toward science content while reinforcing their abilities to instruct children using educationally sound methods and creates effective strategies for developing challenges to prepare students for the future. Every year the fresh content inspires children to explore, have big ideas, and make new innovations. 

This is what one parent had to say about her daughter’s experience at Camp Invention last summer: “From the first day of camp our daughter was so excited about Camp Invention. We picked her up and she couldn't wait to tell us about her first day. Her exact words were ‘this was the best day of my life.’ She loved getting to create and come up with ideas with her peers.” 

If your child still wants the Camp Invention experience, but has completed 6th grade, he or she can participate in our Leaders-in-Training (LIT) program! Those entering the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades can join our LIT program, where they’ll gain real world experience on how to be a positive mentor and coach. 

Camp Invention locations are nation-wide, including many throughout the greater Pittburgh area. Visit or call 800-968-4332 to register. Use promo code PLAY15LISTING to save $15 (expires 5/10). Every registration includes a complimentary Camp Invention t-shirt. Availability is limited, so register today!