Camp Invention Camps 2022

Robotic Aquatics™

Children dive into ocean research and adopt their own aquatic animal! They use their decision-making skills to make design choices, patent new aquatic plants and create a symbiotic best friend for their animal. Then they develop a unique, bio-inspired invention and hook investors at the fish market!

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Inspired by real space exploration, campers create Spacepacks and Astro-Arm devices to help them with gravity-defying cooking, glow-in-the-dark lunar discoveries and erupting ice volcanoes! Before returning to Earth, they mine an asteroid and collect data on how animals can hatch and grow in space.

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NIHF’s The Attic™

Art and STEM combine in this immersive and creative experience! Campers find out how inventions have changed the way people create as they experiment with materials science, chemistry and art, and they learn how to manage emotions that can come with engaging in the creative process. They even build their own robotic artist to help them make awesome spin art!

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Marble Arcade™

Children zigzag through physics, engineering and gaming as they build a mega marble arcade! First, they use scientific principles like potential and kinetic energy to roll gaming spheres at different speeds. Then they boost their collaboration skills by working together to level up their designs through hands-on problem solving!

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