Be Smart, Be Safe this Holiday Season. Buy your tickets from the Official Source –



At the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, we are always excited when people enjoy our holiday events or purchase tickets as gifts. However, there are plenty of online Grinches and Scrooges in Pittsburgh trying to trick you into thinking they are the official site for tickets, when they are not.


These Grinchy ticket broker sites spend lots of money in an attempt to look legitimate and they are counting on you not knowing the official ticket source.

Here is what you can do:

  • If the website url is not or, you are purchasing from a secondary ticket source that is marking up tickets.
  • When using search engines, the top search result is often an ad which may be a broker site trying to lure you. Look for the official website designation of in search engine advertising and always look for in the browser url (e.g. the url for Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical is:
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 What happens when you buy tickets from ticket brokers?

  • You pay much more than you should.
  • You put money in the pocket of an individual or commercial organization that is not invested in the community, unlike the Trust which is a non-profit organization that provides thousands of free, low-cost events, and education programs.
  • We can’t contact you with schedule changes, added event information, or keep you in the know about upcoming events and pre-sale opportunities.
  • You contribute to a practice that makes it harder for true fans to see their favorite shows without paying a premium charge.

We encourage you to be smart and be safe! Only order from official ticket sources and please help us spread the word about buying tickets directly from our website as we prepare for another spectacular season of performing arts.