Baby Sloth Makes Debut for National Aviary Visitors

Three-month-old Linnaeus’s Two-Toed Sloth Will Be Hand-Raised as Educational Ambassador for Rainforest Species

A baby Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth captured the hearts of millions after travelling to the National Aviary via private jet on Monday, February 8. Today, visitors to the National Aviary, located in Pittsburgh, got to see the new baby sloth for the first time.

For now, the baby sloth is living in a portion of the National Aviary’s hospital called the Avian Care Center, where he can cuddle up next to a window that gives visitors an up-close look. Hundreds of guests visited to greet the baby sloth today, gushing oohs and awws over his adorable stretches and furry features as they watched his first public feeding times.

Many have asked about the new sloth’s name. The National Aviary will be holding an online auction beginning Tuesday on E-bay allowing members of the public to bid for the chance to name the baby sloth while supporting the National Aviary’s conservation-oriented mission.

Visitors can see the baby sloth daily for a limited time; he’ll remain in the Avian Care Center until he’s old enough to greet guests as an animal ambassador.

At three months old, the sloth weighs two pounds and is 10 inches long. We will work closely with him, feeding him every 2 hours, and our veterinary staff is checking on him daily as he starts preparing for his role as an animal ambassador with his new National Aviary Family!

The sloth will be hand-raised by National Aviary trainers to be comfortable around people and to participate in education programs highlighting rainforest species and the dangers they face from rapidly disappearing habitat.