App for baby names

With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder that naming your child can be a daunting task.

Baby Names 2012 for iPhone (.99¢) – a new app from leading publisher and developer Sourcebooks – features more than 275 creative, themed lists to get your baby name search started, including:

  • Popular Song Names: (Cecilia, Roxanne and Gloria for girls; Neil, Danny and Jeremiah for boys)
  • Overachievers: (Teresa, Ann and Barbara for girls; Howard, Paul and Wolfgang for boys)
  • Sports Legends: (Serena, Athena and Annika for girls: Peyton, Warren and Reggie for boys)
  • Austen Fans: (Jane, Elizabeth and Lydia for girls; Fitzwilliam, Henry and Bennet for boys)
  • Names That Mean “Gift”: (Adia, Grace and Daryn for girls; Nathaniel, Shai and Tesher for boys)

Baby Names 2012 also allows expectant parents to:

  • Browse more than 100,000+ baby names – the most names of any app by far!
  • Hear babies giggling and ducks quacking while you search
  • Search for boy and girl baby names
  • Discover rich definitions, plus origins and alternate spellings
  • Browse by individual letter or customize your search to a specific first and last letter
  • Click the “Surprise Me” option – see what you get!

Baby Names 2012 for iPhone also features:

  • Twitter Integration: Tweet your favorite names and involve your loved ones
  • Add names to your Favorites List – share by email and Twitter

Baby Names 2012 is based on the #1 bestselling baby names book, The Complete Book of Baby Names (Sourcebooks), by award-winning author Lesley Bolton.

The app is also available as Baby Names for NOOK Color™ by Barnes & Noble ($4.99).