Agora Cyber Charter School Shares STEM Activities!


Introducing STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), an interdisciplinary approach to learning in early childhood education enables children in everyday life to use their minds to explore and learn. At Agora, kindergarten students built a well to go along with the story Tikki Tikki Tembo.  The 3-5 students in the Advanced Learning Program completed an invention convention where they develop inventions and then present it to their classmates.  Agora 6thgrade Science Teachers instruct the students in coding, 8thgrade students have STEM centered labs and the students in the Middle School Advanced Learner Program share entrepreneur ideas, as well as participate in laboratory experiments in Earth, Environmental and Physical Science class.  The STEM disciplines lay the foundation for academic success, plus the skills the students are applying are transferable to other subjects and real-world experiences.

See below STEM activities Agora students Ryder and Noah made wells from Legos.

Ryder B.

Noah G.

Agora Middle School Teachers would like to challenge you with the STEM activities below.


Element Project

You will choose and research 2 elements from the periodic table (of course! That is where all the elements are!). You will then create both a superhero and a villain based on those elements. Your villain and superhero should have some of the characteristics of the element he/she is based on. You will include things like how your character looks, sounds, behaves, and of course his/her superpower.

Energy Assignment

Imagine you have created a Utopian (ideal) society. Research the advantages and disadvantages of the energy resources and determine which resource you would choose to generate electricity in your society. Write a 3-paragraph essay explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the resources you choose and how that would impact your society.

Simple Machines Assignment

We use simple machines every day. We use them because they make work easier for us.  For this assignment, students will locate 3 items/tools/machines found around your home and identify the simple machine within each and the purpose of that simple machine.

Cartesian Plane Two Pages For Lancaster Science Factory Online Worksheet 1

Cartesian Plane Two Pages For Lancaster Science Factory Online Worksheet 2

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