A smile can change the world – But don’t stop there



For something so simple and natural, the smile is the subject of a surprisingly large number of rigorous scientific studies.

Just a few of their findings: Smiling can trick your brain into being happy. Smiling is contagious. Smiling reduces stress.

“People don’t always realize just how much power and magic there is in a smile,” says Dr. Bobby J. Grossi, a dentist, motivational speaker and author of the book Destiny is Not Hereditary: How Becoming A Better You Impacts Others   (www.drbobbyjgrossi.com).

As a dentist, Grossi knows something about smiles because his career is devoted to helping people improve theirs. But as a motivational speaker, he also understands that a smile is just one tool that people can use to transform their own lives and the world around them.

“That smile you share with the world can cause others to smile in return, brightening both your days,” Grossi says. “But in your everyday encounters, don’t stop with just a smile. Do you ever hold a door for a stranger or perform any random act of kindness? Those acts – no matter how small – can have a major impact.”

If you doubt that, Grossi suggests you consider the situation in reverse.

“How do you feel when someone smiles at you?” he asks. “How do you feel when someone goes above and beyond for you or your loved ones?”

For many people, though, becoming a positive force in the lives of others may require some alteration in routine and attitude, Grossi says. Beyond smiling more, he suggests you:

  • Work on changing your mindset. Your mindset is the set of habitual attitudes you hold that dictate your behavior and the way you see the world. “Because it’s habitual, you act on these attitudes or interpret someone else’s words or actions in a knee-jerk way without thinking,” Grossi says. “It’s only when you consciously examine your mindset that you realize what a huge impact it has on your life.” Change your mindset for the better, he says, and you can change your life instantly.
  • Be intentional about how you treat others. “Choose to be positive and supportive of other people rather than negative and critical,” Grossi says. “Those small, positive actions will have a ripple effect you aren’t even aware of. And as you spread positivity, you’ll gain happiness yourself.” 
  • Find your purpose. “Finding your purpose is the most powerful thing you can do in life,” Grossi says. “But if you’re waiting for your purpose to fall in your lap, you may be waiting a long time. You need to get out there and find it.” How? Think about the things, people, places, and experiences that interest you and make you smile. If something appeals to you, spend some time with it. “You’ll know you’re on the right path towards finding your passion, and ultimately your purpose, because your body will tingle with an energy you can’t explain,” he says.

“Every time you wake up, think of being a difference maker,” Grossi says. “Realize that the impact you’ll have on any one person can ultimately impact several hundred or even thousands of people. You can change the way the world looks at things.”

And that’s worth smiling about.

Dr. Bobby J. Grossi is a motivational speaker and author of the book Destiny is Not Hereditary: How Becoming A Better You Impacts Others (www.drbobbyjgrossi.com). Dr. Grossi owns and operates a dental practice and med spa, called The G Spa, and is the co-owner of Great Lakes Dental Design. He founded the Grossi Institute for Dental Assisting in 2016, which he currently teaches.  Dr. Grossi received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan in 1998 and graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry in 2003 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. He lives in Linden, Mich., with his wife, Sabrina, and their three children: son Brayden, and daughters Andelina and Zandria.