A Circus Themed Birthday Party Is an Absolute Fun for Your Kids



When it comes to circus and kids, it seems as if these two are made for each other. The overwhelming presence of children in a circus and their excitement speaks volumes! The endearing funny clowns, the acrobats, highly trained animals, and other surprising activities are like magnets for kids, which they never like to miss.

You can’t go too wrong with a circus themed party if you’re stumped on any ideas for your child’s upcoming birthday.

Need some helpful tips for your circus party? Here’s a quick checklist and great pointers!

1.   Circus Invitations

Show your creativity by making the invitations yourself. Try to find different ways to collect information on how to make vintage circus ticket invitations for your guests. Just be sure to make them as colorful as you can with bright colors like red, orange and green to start with.

You can glue the photo of the birthday girl or birthday boy on the invitation card. Making the card as eye-catching as possible can get your guests more excited about your party.

If you’d like to make it even more interesting, you might want to add a few quotes or clever punch lines. Perhaps something thought-provoking could resonate in their memories, helping them to remember the special day!

2.   Circus party favors

Have your guests go home with a fun little surprise and souvenir of party favors. Kids enjoy little bags of colorful candies and chocolates as party favors. For more creativity, you might want to use popcorn bags for your party favors. Inside these little bags, you can put sponge clown noses, animal toys, bouncing balls, pixie sticks, or any other toys that are normally found at a carnival.

For your adult guests, it is a rare and memorable occasion and they surely want to have a blast in this party. You personalize the favors that you want to give to your friends and guests. It is a nice opportunity for you to give them their favorite bottle of wine with custom wine bottle labels wrapped around them that will display your party’s circus theme.

3.   Circus styled rainbow costumes

Having your guests come to the party with circus costumes can make it even more fun. All the colors and the unique makeup and ideas can shine through each of your guests! Be sure to have your cameras ready!

4.   Circus styled décor

Start by using colorful balloons in almost every space you can. Think of including colorful cones, pictures and/or banners of animals, and ribbons, ribbons, ribbons! Don’t forget the red and white stripes!

Your entranceway has to be inviting. Think of what could get you excited about a circus themed party and express it through the entrance!

5.   Activities and games

A circus carnival party like this one becomes an ideal place for fun games and activities. So, let the kids enjoy this as much as they want.

Shooting balloons is an awesome idea, so grab some darts and see who can burst most number of balloons. Another amazing and probably familiar game is called Slam Dunk! It’s easy enough to find a basketball and something to shoot it in! Have your guests shoot and win a prize!

Ring and bottle are also a fun game the player has to stand bottles up using rings. As far as activities are concerned, there are lots of them like face painting; guessing a total number of candies put in a cookie jar; ball toss, prize dive, making fun photos of guests etc.

Final Thoughts

Your kid’s birthday party is a typical circus show this time and be ready to make it even more enjoyable with the above-mentioned tips. There could be many more ideas that you can collect to have a real blast, but starting with tips is not a bad idea.