4 tips to help children choose a charity

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According to youth financial education expert Dean Brauer, the President and co-founder of GoHenry, “Donating and giving back is a very personal issue and children develop a greater understanding of the value of money when they get a sense of how it can benefit others. No child’s financial education is complete without an understanding of the value of helping others.”
Here are four tips from Dean to consider when parents/guardians are helping their children choose a charity to donate to:
  • Make it personal. “Choose a charity that has a deeper, sentimental connection to your child and family.” 
  • Get inspiration from your interests. “If your child has a passion for a specific interest, whether that’s global warming, or loving animals, there is most likely a charity that supports that.” 
  • Location. “Chances are there are local charities that support the people of your community. From school-based to religious-based to community-based, there are plenty of organizations to choose from. Making it local can help your child see the results of their donation more directly.”
  • Research. “This is good advice for everyone, no matter your age, when looking for a charity to give to. Look at the organization’s website and social media pages. Check reviews and ask around. GuideStar.org is a great resource for researching non-profits. The website includes all types of information, including tax documents and percent of the amount raised that goes directly towards the group’s mission.” 
“Giving is an opportunity to teach our kids to be generous not only with money but acts of kindness that doesn’t cost a penny, and it really is priceless,” added Brauer.
GoHenry’s popular Money Missions in-app experience explains why giving is important. Teaching kids and teens that giving is a choice and how it can support and help others.
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