32% of exes are still logging into partners’ social accounts

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Christmas is the time for merriment a cheer, but also a time of loneliness and missing loved ones – particularly exes. A shocking new study into digital sharing has revealed that almost a third of us (32%) are still logging into an ex’s social media accounts.

  • 70% of snooping exes have logged into former partner’s Instagram account in the last week!
  • 61% of partners still using ex’s Netflix accounts
  • 81% of exes admit feeling sad after logging in
  • 65% confessed that it has become an “obsession”
  • 13% have logged in “to seek revenge”

Reboot Digital PR Agency surveyed 4,518 new singletons in the lead up to Christmas and discovered some surprising truths about breaking up in the digital age. 

The most common account to log back into is Instagram, with 70% of heartbroken respondents saying they have logged into their partner’s Insta within the last week. A close second was Netflix – 61% have logged into their exes’ accounts to do some surreptitious watching.  

Platform % of exes accessing account
Instagram 70%
Netflix 61%
Facebook 49%
Email 26%
Spotify 25%
Twitter 22%

A shocking number of old flames are also still using their partners’ Facebook and Spotify accounts – with only 23% of account holders aware.

Most exes claim that they still log into past partners’ social media accounts to “see if they have met someone new”, with 59% of participants admitting this was the main reason. Other excuses included “curiosity/ just can’t help myself” (28%), “to see if they blocked me from seeing their content/photos” (14%) – however, more worryingly, 13% admitted to logging in to “seek revenge and post/talk to others as their ex”. 

So, how long after a breakup are we still checking up on our former lovers?

Reboot Digital PR Agency discovered that most of us (32%) stop logging in 6 months post-breakup, with others stopping around the 10 to 12-month mark (18%). Shockingly, however, 17% of participants admitted to logging into their ex’s social accounts 2 years after a breakup! 

The effects of spying on an ex

With a whopping 81% of snooping exes admitting they felt sad after logging into their old partner’s accounts, it is clear that overstepping digital boundaries carries some serious psychological effects. What’s more, 65% confessed that is had become an “obsession” and 47% felt it was preventing them from moving on.

Ann Heathcote, a Psychotherapist from The Worsley Centre  spoke exclusively to Reboot Digital PR Agency:

 “Social media has made is easy to snoop on your ex and the temptation to look becomes too much for some. There are two main reasons as to how this snooping can damage your mental health. Firstly, seeing your ex’s name appear is enough to experience that knot feeling in your stomach. Although these knot feelings are a physical experience, it’s the enteric nervous system. This system consists of millions of neurons that communicate with the brain and let us feel the emotions that our brain is dealing with. The second reason this action is damaging to your mental health is that focusing on your ex doesn’t enable you to emotionally distance yourself or focus on your personal growth. You must focus on healing yourself and practise self-care instead of focusing your energy on the past. “

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