2023 Education Expo

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Oakland Catholic High School
144 N. Craig Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
………412-682-6633 x 1253

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Since 1989, Oakland Catholic has been fostering confidence in thousands of young women who seek a college-prep, engaging, and diverse environment. Oakland Catholic High School, a Roman Catholic school, dedicates itself to providing a value-oriented, college preparatory education for young women in an atmosphere that regards the values of the church as catalysts for action. 

Aware of the dignity of students in our care, we fulfill our mission by developing their spiritual, intellectual, and personal potential. Spirituality, Scholarship, and Service represent the focal points of our mission and philosophy. ……………SEE MORE



Agora Cyber Charter School
1018 W. 8th Ave, King of Prussia, PA 19406

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Agora Cyber Charter School offers Continuous Education for PA Students Grade K-12

Agora Cyber Charter School, an online public school established in 2005, has delivered an uninterrupted K-12 education to Pennsylvania students for the last 16 years. The continuous educational choices begin with kindergarten and extend through graduation………………SEE MORE



The Campus Laboratory School at Carlow University
3333 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
amshaffer@carlow.edu • https://www.campusschool.carlow.edu/https://www.facebook.com/CarlowCampusSchoolhttps://www.instagram.com/campuslabschool/ ………412-578-6158

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Discover the Campus Laboratory School at Carlow University

Nestled on the tranquil and charming Carlow University campus in the heart of Oakland, the Campus Laboratory School welcomes students, who can benefit from personalized attention in a nurturing and inclusive environment that fosters a can-do attitude. 

From age-appropriate hands-on learning in PreK-2, to rich literature group discussion and hand-on science experiments K3-5, and rigorous academic preparation for high school and beyond in K6-8, we empower students to explore possibilities and pursue their passions. Early Childhood options include Montessori and Reggio-Inspired preschool programs. Infants and Toddlers are served through the Early Learning Center……………….SEE MORE