10 crafts for kids to make at home – Must know

Flower Pens

Craft making unfurls the kids’ creative mindset and makes them learn some basic mathematics, arts, and science playfully. Let us discuss the best ten crafts that every kid can make at home with the guidance of their parents.

The must know 10 crafts 

Before you start to master the ten crafts, bring out the scissors, craft papers, glue sticks, wools, and many more items. If you don’t have anything so you can buy from top toy online store Dubai

  1. Flower pens – 

All one needs is a ballpoint pen, floral tape, some plastic or silk flowers with stems. Let your kid arrange the flowers in a bunch and place the bunch on the top of the pen.. Now help your kid to wrap the floral tape enclosing the stems with the pen. Begin from the top of the pen and move downwards.. The pen turns into a decorative item.

  1. Water microscope –  

The kid will need one sizeable googly eye, a paper cup, spoon, pencil, scissors, and tape. One will need water too. Cut the cover of the googly eye to separate it into two parts. Take the pencil and mark the cup bottom with the eye cover. Cut upside-down “U” on both sides of the cup. 

Now, fix the eye cover on the hole upside down with the tapes. Fill water on the top of the curvature. Put some small object under the cup and see how the image magnifies.

  1. Tube telescope – 

You need a cardboard tube, cardstocks, stickers, markers, and rubber bands. Take the cardstock and roll it over the cardboard tube. Fix it with the rubber bands. Let the child decorate the telescope with markers and stickers. 

 Now, help your kid look through the hole of the tube. Pull the line to adjust the length of the tube to focus precisely on the particular object without any visionary distractions.

  1. Ice pop pompom –

Making pompom ice pos is fun. You will need cardstock, pompoms, craft sticks, and double-sided tape. As a parent, you can make pompoms for your kids using wool instead of buying them. Let the kid take the cardstock and cut it into the shape of ice-pop. After pasting the cardstock on the craft stick, the kid will paste the double-sided- tape on it. Now, one should paste the pompom on it. And the craft is complete.

  1. Wall art – 

Bring out the creative mind of your kid, encouraging doing some wall art. Your kid will need a cardstock or acrylic sheet, white school glue, a paintbrush, a picture frame, and food coloring. Let your kid paint the acrylic sheet or the cardstock with glue. 

Now it is time to sprinkle some food color on the glued sheet. Using the paintbrush let the kid spread the colors as per imagination. Frame it and hang it on a wall. It will look wonderful.

  1. Guitar from the recycled box – 

How about listening to the guitar played by your kid? Well, the kid needs an empty shoebox, two pencils, and few rubber bands. At first, the kid will cut a circular hole on the shoe box. 

Now, stretching the rubber bands, the child should fix them across the box, ensuring they pass over the hole. The rubber bands should fit tight. Now, insert the two pencils under the rubber band on each side of the hole. Let the kid pluck the bands and enjoy the sound.

  1. Spin art on a paper plate –

Take a white paper plate, a cardboard box, a paintbrush, and poster colors. After placing the plate on the cardboard box, drop some paint on the plate with the brush. Give a quick spin to the box. The colors will spread and make beautiful designs.

  1. Puppet planes hanging on strings –

The kid will need pencils, cardboard, scissors, cardboard tube, glue, and cardstock. The child will also need tape, string, and a needle. As the kid uses a needle, parents should keep a watch to avoid accidents. The kid can easily create paper planes and hang them with strings.

  1. Interlocking building blocks – 

Your kid will need cardboard, pencil, ruler, hobby paint , scissors, paint, and paintbrush. Let the child mark rectangles on the cardboard and cut them. Let the kid paint the blocks. Help the kid to cut a 1-inch slit on the small sides of all the rectangles. The building blocks are ready for the child. Let your kid enjoy building different shapes with them.

  1. Chalk making –