This is Your Two Weeks Notice (to submit a Remake Learning Days event)


You're invited to participate in the region's largest open house for hands-on learning, May 17-25, 2018. Submit your event to get in on the fun!
Deadline: Friday, January 19th
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Remake Learning Days is back May 17-25, 2018 bringing hands-on, engaging, and relevant learning experiences to youth and families in neighborhoods across southwestern Pennslyvania and West Virginia. For the past two years, Remake Learning Days has gathered tens of thousands of kids and adults at hundreds of events that celebrate hands-on, engaging learning for the 21st century.

Now is the time to submit your event and get your organization involved! To be a part of Remake Learning Days 2018, simply complete the submission form with details about your event by January 19th.
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Not sure how to get involved in Remake Learning Days? Need help crafting the perfect event? Watch our webinars with Remake Learning Days Producer Dorie Taylor:

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