Do you know a child with a great sense of humor?

UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation is searching for kid jokes this month to be used in 3 new books!

UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation (UHCCF) is here with an exciting opportunity for your child! Send us your child's favorite summer, sweet treats & eats, or holiday jokes and they could be published in three upcoming UHCCF Joke Books!

Jokes will be accepted now through April 28. Ask your kids to share their favorite summer, food or holiday related jokes and send us their “zingers” for a great cause. The resulting books will carry their jokes across the country to places and people nationwide, all while helping other kids through UHCCF medical grants! The printed books will be released throughout 2017, the first being the summer version. Copies will be available at the UHCCF online store, as are the first three books from the original joke books series Little Book Big Laughs - Jokes for Kids by Kids.

Read on to learn more about this year's special themes!

  • Summer! Everything you love about summer - vacation, barbecues, swimming, name it! UHCCF plans to release this book in time for the summer season! 
    • Example: Evelyn C. from Clinton, NJ shared a hot dog of a riddle that was published in Little Book Big Laughs Riddle Book. "Q: What do you call a dog on a beach in summer? A: A hot dog!"
  • Sweet Treats & Eats: Planned for release later this fall, this book will celebrate the art of food jokes. Bananas? Yes please! Nachos? Those too!
    • Example: Braden B. from Oak Harbor, WA sent us a scream that was published in the original Little Book Big Laughs Joke Book - "Q: What do ghosts like for dessert? A: I-scream!" 
  • Holidays & Birthdays: This holiday and event focused book is targeted for release at the end of the year and will include jokes about holidays and birthdays. Halloween, 4th of July, Thanksgiving...if you celebrate it, it counts.  

Submitting for your child is easy to do:

  1. Click the link to the submission form. 
  2. Type in your child's jokes along with the little comedian's first name, last name initial, city and state.
  3. Jokes will be accepted April 1 through April 28. Don't wait, submit now! Jokes will be reviewed weekly and, in the event of a duplicate, the first joke submitted will get published!
  4. If your child's joke or riddle is chosen for publication, it will help generate important grant funds and smiles to be shared with other children.
  5. UHCCF will conduct a weekly random drawing from submissions and give away special prizes each week! Like UHCCF on Facebook to learn the weekly prize winners and please share us with your friends and family!


Please share this opportunity and email with your family and friends too. Thank you to you and your child for being part of the new UHCCF Joke Books team of authors!

Contact with questions on this opportunity.

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