School Lunch Hero Day: Celebrate the Lunch Lady!

May 5, 2017

Did you know that the first Friday of May is Lunch Lady Day?

Here are some great ideas to help celebrate the men & women who make your lunches every day:

  • Make cards for the cafeteria workers and have the students deliver them personally
  • Make paper-flower bouquets to hand out
  • Write a list of why your lunch staff are awesome and hang them up around the cafeteria
  • Arrange for the students to serve lunch or snacks to the cafeteria workers
  • Leave a huge thank-you banner in the cafeteria for the students to sign as they come in for lunch
  • Decorate the cafeteria with streamers, pictures of the staff & kitchen utensils

Click here for the PDF brochure from or visit for more information on Lunch Lady Day!!!