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Special Needs

Understanding Auditory Processing Disorder

What is autism?

How to Keep Students with Disabilities Safe in Lockdowns, Evacuations, and Other School Crises

When It's Not Just Hearing Loss

7 Myths About Twice-Exceptional (2E) Students

Signs It’s Time To Seek Alternative Treatments For Overly Medicated Kids

Ways to Help Children with Down Syndrome Overcome the Struggles of Articulation

Do You Have A Student on the Spectrum? Success In School Means Getting Organized

The Secret Language of Special Education

Tips for Traveling With Your Child With Special Needs

When it comes to travelling, any parent’s goal is to create lifelong memories for themselves and, of course, for their children.

What Do Kids With Special Needs Really Need?

We all face numerous challenges as we grow. For a child with a disability these life challenges are just different.

5 Tips for Being a Supportive Parent of a Child with ADHD

Parenting a child with ADHD is a very different type of challenge than parenting other kids.

Tips for Keeping ADHD Kids Focused on Reading Passages

Reading can be difficult for children with ADHD. However, with help from parents and these simple tips, children can learn to make adjustments to their reading habits and overcome setbacks brought about by ADHD.

Transition to a Post- Secondary Educational Setting for Students with Disabilities

Students face a new set of challenges when transitioning from the secondary to the post-secondary environment, as evidenced by graduation rates that continue to lag behind those of non-disabled students.

Julia First Autistic Muppet on Sesame Street to Deput on April 10

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