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Family Communication: How My Family Learned to Communicate

Dealing with the daily grind of school, work, activities, homework, dinner, and everything else that today’s busy families have on their plates.

How Can I Help My Difficult Teenage Son?

Ending That Screen Time Battle

Getting children and teens off their screens once they are on them can be a chronic source of parent-child or parent-teen stress. Parents are constantly fighting with their kids to shut off their devices, and kids are constantly resisting those efforts.

Low Birth Weight Babies at Higher Risk for Mental Health ProblemsLater in Life

Babies born with extremely low birth weight are not only at risk for physical problems but are also more likely to experience mental health problems later in life, according to an analysis of research conducted over nearly 30 years.

Why do teens try alcohol? One reason: Instant Gratification

It’s important that you, as a parent, understand these reasons and talk to your kids about the dangers of drinking and using drugs.

Teaching Children How to React in Dangerous Situations

When play-acting or pretending, children often imagine themselves as superheroes capable of saving the world from harm.

Help Fight Against the Threat of SIDS

When a Mom Shows Up at a Party in Her PJs … Here’s What Happens Next

Do you ever get a gut feeling that says, “Go check it out?

Why Did I Say That? Teen Regrets His Mean Words

Before I knew it, a bitter string of mean words I didn’t really intend shot from my lips as I gathered my stuff and walked out. Immediately, I knew I’d rattled a relationship I valued, and I regretted it.

The Nest Is Empty… It’s A New Norm

Some things in life, like selling a house, one can plan; many aspects of parenting cannot be planned.

How to Keep Learning Activities Interesting for ADHD Kids

If you are the parent of a child suffering with ADHD, then you know very well the struggles they encounter when trying to stay engaged in an activity, especially learning.

Napkin in the Lap and Elbows off the Table

To make mealtime with the kids more enjoyable, have the kids learn these simple table manners.

The Secret Power of Chores

. Helping out around the house allows your child to experience feelings of mastery, build self-reliance, and learn responsibility.

Celebrating Learning Remade in 2016

2017 marks the tenth year of the Remake Learning Network.

The Ageless Possibilities of Imagination

Young children make sense of the world through play and by using their imaginations. They learn social and emotional skills through play and interaction with their peers and with adults.
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