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Financial Facts for Funding Adoptions

This Is the Ultimate Nostalgic Halloween Bucket List to Complete With Your Kids

Although Halloween is technically just one 24-hour day, prep and excitement for the holiday begins after school starts faster than you can say "Boo!"

How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

5 Ways To Boost Kids’ Self-Esteem

Bringing Home Your Newborn to Your Dog for the First Time

Northwood Realty Teams with Moms to Share Top Tips for Moving with Kids

The Busy Mom's Guide to Nurture:

For Teens: Talking with Parents About Mental Health Issues

Signs That Your Ex May Be Neglecting Your Children

5 Fun Ways to Promote Tween Confidence

How Does Your Hospital Stack Up for Maternity Care?

Parents’ disagreements about bedtime can affect coparenting relationship

Jonathan Reader, a doctoral candidate in the College of Health and Human Development and lead author on the paper, said the study was an important step in learning more about how parents can work together to promote child well-being.

“My Kid Won’t Get Out of Bed” Stop the Morning Madness Now

When It's Time: How to Make Your Child Move to A New Room

Some parents grimly despise parents who want to move out their child from the bed and transfer to another room. Taking a step to help your child gain “Sleep Confidence” should not become a misconception.

How to Bond with Your Millennial Teenager?

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