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Things Moms Must Know About Braces for their Kids

Getting braces doesn’t have to be a scary process, but it can be if you haven’t had some of the more common questions answered ahead of time.

Heartbroken Mother on Terror: ‘We Are Better Than This’

From a caring mom, strong and specific advice for raising kids to be alert, safe — and happy

2 Year Old Tantrum: Key Tips On How To Tame The Tiny Monster In Your Home

This parenthood thing is actually getting to be pretty fun, and then it happens: your child enters the “terrible twos.”

Slide Into Summer Safety

Longer days mean more time outside and more physical activity, which translates to increased potential for injuries.

Ways to Help Kids Tackle Peer Pressure

Will they say no to drugs? Do the right thing? Stand up when someone else is being bullied?

Top 10 Skills needed to be a Good Camp Counselor

Now is the time for parents to start researching camps for their kids and there are a lot to choose from but it’s also the time of year when students have to start thinking about a summer job and being a camp counselor is a popular one.

Dangers of Pornography: Why Internet Pornography is Bad for Teens

These days, teenagers can access explicit pornography with just a click or two on any internet-enabled device, including a phone.

Texting Late at Night? How to Quash Your Teenager’s After Hours Technology

Allowing for the seven hours they were in school each day, they were clearly making up for lost time post bedtime by surfing the Web and texting late at night.

Summer Activities for 12 Year Olds: 6 Ways to Spend Time Together

Ever wondered how to make time stand still? Try having a twelve-year-old home all summer with nothing to do.

Nursery Product-Related Injuries are Rising in Young Children

A new study published online in the journal Pediatrics finds injuries to young children associated with nursery products happen at an alarming rate and the problem is on the rise.

How can parents help promote self esteem in middle school?

If there’s one question a middle-schooler asks himself more than any other, it’s “Who am I?”

Human Milk Matters - New study shows expanded benefits for premature babies on exclusive human-milk diet

Nutrition is one of the most critical factors in healthy child development, but this is especially true for babies born prematurely.

Grandparents: Help Prevent Accidental Pediatric Poisonings

Simple Ways to Support Friends or Family Members During Their Adoption Process

Many prospective adoptive families spend months or even years completing paperwork and waiting for placement of a child.

5 Simple Ways to Enjoy More Family Time

Keeping family values front and center may be easier than you think when you make a commitment to carving out meaningful moments to share.
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