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Happy Birthday to Us!

Community Spotlight: Water Safety.....Benefits of Year-Round Swim Lessons

Carnegie Library Releases 2017 Best Books for Babies List

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is pleased to announce the much anticipated 2017 Best Books for Babies list.

Checklist: Camping Essentials for a Safe and Enjoyable Adventure

Whether you’re hiking through backcountry or headed to an established campsite, this checklist will help you prepare for your expedition.

Slide Into Summer Safety

Longer days mean more time outside and more physical activity, which translates to increased potential for injuries.

Where to Ride: The Best Bike Trails in Pittsburgh

By now, you may know that Pittsburgh is two-wheel friendly. And our city is becoming more and more bike-able by the day.

Top 10 Skills needed to be a Good Camp Counselor

Now is the time for parents to start researching camps for their kids and there are a lot to choose from but it’s also the time of year when students have to start thinking about a summer job and being a camp counselor is a popular one.

Summer Activities for 12 Year Olds: 6 Ways to Spend Time Together

Ever wondered how to make time stand still? Try having a twelve-year-old home all summer with nothing to do.

How Youth Team Sports are Shaping Kids' and Teens' Values On and Off the Field

Whether it's a neighborhood scrimmage or a national championship, experts agree that the benefits of belonging to a team are significant, and they range well beyond physical exercise.

The Sideline Parental Scene

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents

Preparing Students for Careers that Don't Yet Exist

Today's students are growing up in an increasingly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focused world, regardless of career choice.

When Fun Fulfills a Purpose

Balancing this heightened level of engagement with the demands of hectic family schedules means parents are increasingly challenged to select the most meaningful activities for their children.

Getting Our Girls More Interested in STEM

Despite performing at similar levels to their male counterparts, girls’ confidence and interest in engineering and math experiences a decline during middle school

Do You Freak Out About Your Kids’ Sports? Expert Advice to Keep Calm on the Sidelines

Last month during the summer games, Lynn and Rick Raisman became internet sensations when they were caught on camera freaking out while daughter Aly competed in the Olympics.

Preschool Music Unplugged

There is great power for children in group singing. It might be the first time we hear our voices merge with others, singing the same words, melody, and rhythm.
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