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Using books to discuss current events

College students: 18 Ways to Make Bank Over Breaks

5 Questions Families Should Ask About School Discipline

6 Tips for Decoding College Financial Aid Award Letters

Getting Bullied at School? What Parents Can Do to Address It

. Alternatively, you may have heard such comments as: “This isn’t bullying.” “They were just joking.” “Your child is overreacting.” “Your child needs to learn to deal with it.” “If your child would stop (describe behavior), this wouldn’t happen.”

An Anxiety Epidemic in Schools

Kids are being diagnosed with so many disorders these days and with the amount of resources available it doesn't take long as a parent to think that your child may have one of them.

Achieving Financial Success

While some may be quick to blame Millennials’ “lazy and entitled” attitudes a look at the bigger economic picture reveals that our ever evolving society may have doomed this generation to failure when it comes to outdated measures of success.

Operation Organization

Whether you’re taking advantage of back-to-school season to get yourself on track or you’re helping a student gear up for a new year, these ideas can make getting organized easier than ever.

Back-to-School Tips that Save Time and Money

This year you can ace your back-to-school shopping excursion with these time- and money-saving steps that can make getting the whole family ready for a new school year a breeze.

Going to College: What Families Need to Know About Sexual Assault and Safety on Campus

One in five women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted while in college.

Early Childhood Education is Crucial: How You Can Help

Early education and child development programs, such as Head Start, support the nation’s youngest children during the early critical years.

The Top 10 Classic Games or Toys that Kids Today Should be Playing

How to Get Your Kindergartener into College

With the rising cost of education, it is never too early to get your kindergartner exploring colleges.

Transition to a Post- Secondary Educational Setting for Students with Disabilities

Students face a new set of challenges when transitioning from the secondary to the post-secondary environment, as evidenced by graduation rates that continue to lag behind those of non-disabled students.

Preschoolers’ Motor Skill Development Connected To School Readiness

Preschoolers who performed better on fine and gross motor skill assessments early in the school year were more likely to have better social behavior and “executive function,” or ability to pay attention, follow directions and stay on task later in the school year, scientists said.
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