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Preschoolers’ Motor Skill Development Connected To School Readiness

Preschoolers who performed better on fine and gross motor skill assessments early in the school year were more likely to have better social behavior and “executive function,” or ability to pay attention, follow directions and stay on task later in the school year, scientists said.

Costs of College Beyond Tuition

Calculators often do not take into consideration is the extensive, non-tuition expenses that are also the costs of going to college. These costs include things like room and board, textbooks, social activities fees, library deposits and transportation.

Time to Bust These 5 Myths About Early Math

Anxious about math? You’re far from alone. For millions of adults, a lack of confidence in math skills – often tracing back to negative childhood experiences – has had lasting repercussions.

Celebrating Learning Remade in 2016

2017 marks the tenth year of the Remake Learning Network.

From The Eyes of An Expert: Top 6 Strategies for Teachers and Parents to Communicate Successfully

Why is this relationship so important? In my opinion the answer is pretty straightforward. Consistency.

Improving child-teacher interactions can reduce preschoolers’ stress levels

A school-based intervention that promotes warm and caring interactions between a teacher and child can reduce the child’s stress in the classroom, a new study has found.

University of Phoenix Survey: Many U.S. K-12 Teachers Say Fewer than 25 Percent of Parents are Involved in the Classroom

According to a national K-12 teacher survey, more than a third of teachers think parental involvement can help address recruitment and retention in the educator rank.

Don’t Be Turned Off By a College’s Sticker Price

Shocked by college sticker price? Here’s what families need to know.

Edvisors Helps with Major Changes in the 2017-2018 FAFSA

There are several major changes in the new 2017-2018 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®), including an earlier filing date.

Every Absence Matters In A Child’s Education

You always want to set your child up for success—in school and in life—but knowing the best way to help isn’t always easy.

Encouraging Young Women to Become Globally Conscious

As movers and shakers of technology companies brainstorm ways to implement software and apps into everyday life, we are continually offered new ways to engage with one another.

The Life-Changing Magic of School Counselors

Know Before You Go: 5 Tips to Help You Get The Most Out of a College Tour

Is Generation Z Solely Digital? How Today's Students Learn Best

All students heading back to school this year are part of the new generation known as Gen Z. Born in the years of 1995-2012, this group is defined by the fact that they grew up with a widespread usage of technology from a very young age.

Pittsburgh Student a Finalist in Prestigious Science Competition

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