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How to clean up slime

Fingerprint Alphabet Art

Easter Bunny Racers Recipe

Time to make PEEPS®Slime

Fun Ways to Help Kids Enjoy Math, Science and Art

Traditional Pumpkin Carving Techniques

CCA offers backyard science experiments for summer fun and learning

Create a Kaleidoscope of Color with a Unicorn-Themed Party

From colorful cakes and beverages to pastel-hued hairstyles and sparkly manicures, the unicorn trend has become an internet sensation.

5 spring DIY craft projects to make old stuff new again

Repurposing, or “upcycling,” is one of the hottest trends in home decor and design for 2017.

Easter Activities For Kids

Make Gifts Personal with DIY Labels

When you opt to create your own handmade gift labels, the options are nearly endless.

Turkey Treats

How To Make A Rock Box

Because there are some indoor/outdoor cats in our neighborhood, and I didn’t want a cat mistaking Owen’s sandbox for its litter box. As a kid I remember finding cat turds in the sandbox at my grandma’s house. So gross and forever unclean.

Celebrate Summer with DIY Party Decor

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