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More Camps

“Girl Scout Camp helped me be brave”

For more than a century, Girl Scouts has encouraged girls to be active in the outdoors, connecting them with opportunities to enjoy, explore and respect the world around them. Nearly three-quarters of Girl Scouts say they experienced their first outdoor activity thanks to the Girl Scout program.
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More Crafts

Make Gifts Personal with DIY Labels

When you opt to create your own handmade gift labels, the options are nearly endless.
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More Education

Preschoolers’ Motor Skill Development Connected To School Readiness

Preschoolers who performed better on fine and gross motor skill assessments early in the school year were more likely to have better social behavior and “executive function,” or ability to pay attention, follow directions and stay on task later in the school year, scientists said.
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More Enrichment

Preparing Students for Careers that Don't Yet Exist

Today's students are growing up in an increasingly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focused world, regardless of career choice.
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More Parenting

The Battle Over Inappropriate Teenage Clothing

Does inappropriate teenage clothing drive you nuts? We bet your parents felt the same way.
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More Party

Pennsylvania Author Holly Jacobs Talks: Parties

This mom of four children and fiction writer of more than twenty-two novels dishes out her thoughts and humor about parties.
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More Recipes

Create Fresh, Authentic Mexican Flavor with Mangos

) Many foods are delicious, some invite cravings and a few inspire passion. In traditional Mexican cuisine, one surprising ingredient embodies all three: the mango.
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More Special Needs

What Does the Research Say about ADHD and Exercise?

Many parents of ADHD children are waiting for the day they can use non-medical methods to treat symptoms of this neurologic disorder.
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