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Outdoor Exercise Stations installed at eight County Parks

AHN physicians announce results of study on Asthma in Pittsburgh-area kids

AHN physicians announce results of study on Asthma in Pittsburgh-area kids

Caddie scholarship program sends Pittsburgh teens to college: Could your teen be next?

This year, more than 910 deserving golf caddies across the country attended college on the Chick Evans Scholarship, one of the nation's largest privately funded scholarship Programs.

Math teaching needs to be more visual: New brain research says

New evidence on how the brain functions when we think about mathematics could change the way mathematics is taught in K-12 and higher education classrooms. As described in the new paper recently released, “SEEING AS UNDERSTANDING: The Importance of Visual Mathematics for our Brain and Learning,” supporting the use of visual mathematics and developing finger discrimination in students is vital for brain development and future mathematics success.

Adaptive Play and its benefits for children with Autism

Adaptive Play is play that is altered to accommodate the needs of a child. For example, some children are highly sensitive to loud noises, bright lights, crowds, or other factors. During adaptive play, lights can be dimmed, music lowered or other accommodations can be made to meet the specific needs of the children participating.

Allegheny County Parks Still Seeking Lifeguards for 2016 Swimming Season

“Girl Scout Camp helped me be brave”

For more than a century, Girl Scouts has encouraged girls to be active in the outdoors, connecting them with opportunities to enjoy, explore and respect the world around them. Nearly three-quarters of Girl Scouts say they experienced their first outdoor activity thanks to the Girl Scout program.

Camp Invention - Where BIG ideas become the next BIG thing!

Since 1990, Camp Invention has taken summer fun and transformed it from ordinary to extraordinary! In partnership with the National Inventors Hall of Fame, Camp Invention is offered at roughly 1,300 school districts nationwide.

Taking Simple Steps Can Help Protect Your Sight

The Pennsylvania Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Academy of Ophthalmology provide tips to help keep eyes at their best during Healthy Vision Month in May.

Pittsburgh Parent wins awards for Editorial Excellence in Journalism

Making a first camping trip a success for kids

How to cope with an emotionally distant child

Do you ever wonder what happened to your sweet, affectionate, “glad to be part of this family” younger child? Did your child enter adolescence with a sudden cloud of distance, brooding, sullen behavior, and a desperate need to be as far away from your family as possible?