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Young Children

Sports Parent Pledge: Helping your child learn from failure

Not many events in life can cause more distress than witnessing your child experience failure. However, it’s important to separate yourself from your child’s failure so that you can use it as an opportunity to teach them the value of perseverance and how to deal with setbacks and losses in a positive way.

Parenting tips to help young children love to read

Children are energetic learners, trying to make sense of the world around them. One of the most important activities to help a child stretch his mind, especially in the early years, is reading.

Helping boys learn

Are we lazy in our approach to educating boys? They have fundamentally different learning patterns, says pioneering expert Edmond J. Dixon, Ph.D who uncovers secrets & offers tips.

What to ask the Pediatrician at Check-Ups

With a focus on safety and health, you can help make childhood an enjoyable time for your kids.

Child’s Play

Children who instead engage in imaginative or pretend play are offered a stress-free environment where their dreams have no boundary. This type of activity just comes naturally for kids because it’s just plain fun.

Physical Education

What do you know about your child’s physical education program? Is physical education part of the school day for your child? Is daily physical education part of the school curriculum? Does a certified physical education teacher teach your child?

First day of Kindergarten

For most kids the first day of kindergarten is an exciting time. But the transition can also be worrisome. It's a big step for children and their parents.

Tips for parents and children as the summer comes to a close

"The end of summer and the beginning of a new school year can be a stressful time for parents and children," says Dr. Nicole Quinlan, a licensed psychologist at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville. "While trying to manage work and the household, parents sometimes overlook their children's feelings of nervousness or anxiety as school begins. Working with your children to build resilience and manage their emotions can be beneficial for the psychological health of the whole family."

Warning signs your child may be bullying others and how to help

For any parent, it can be an alarming discovery to learn that your child is displaying bullying traits. Bullying is defined as repeated, aggressive behavior that can be physical, verbal, or relational, and approximately one in 10 children have bullied others. No one wants to hear that their child is bullying, however, there are identifying signals to be aware of and ways to help the child who is bullying.

Back away from that marshmallow!

“Though every child has natural tendencies toward patience or rowdy demands, self-regulation is a learned skill. It has to do with being able to step back, weigh the choices and consequences, then make good decisions.” Here are a few strategies for teaching your children self-control.

Help your child stand up to bullying

You’ve heard the horror stories of children being bullied in school, in cyberspace, on the playground. The stats are alarming: nearly one-third of all school-aged children are bullied each year - upwards of 13 million students, according to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.


My friend is one of those people who believe that we overuse technology. While he is not intrinsically a Neo-Luddite, he definitely believes that technology has made us both inefficient and lazy. Of course, I disagree.