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Tweens & Teens

Parents, Your Teen’s Decision Making Is Better Than You Think

Let's Reclaim Our Children!

A search through the research on the amount of meaningful time parents spend with their children - particularly teenage children - makes depressing reading. Responses vary from 17 seconds a day to 59 minutes a day.

Teach your kids about money this summer

With summer break here, kids will be asking for money to go to the movies, to hang out at the mall or for a new bike, scooter or skateboard. And now is the perfect opportunity to take this time to teach your kids important lessons about money.

How to cope with an emotionally distant child

Do you ever wonder what happened to your sweet, affectionate, “glad to be part of this family” younger child? Did your child enter adolescence with a sudden cloud of distance, brooding, sullen behavior, and a desperate need to be as far away from your family as possible?

Youth hearing loss on the rise: How loud is too loud?

Hearing loss in adolescents and teens can be caused by common recreational activities such as concerts, hunting trips or listening to headphones too loudly, wrote Megan Moreno, MD in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics. Moreno singled out headphones in particular, “The increase in hearing loss may be partly due to the popularity of headphones used by adolescents.”

Helping Kids Understand Our Sexually Disrespectful Culture

Alert tweens and teens to the media’s unhealthy portrayal of sex and sexuality. Kids of all ages today are caught in a crossfire of mixed messages about romance, sex and violence.

Social media is harmful to teens

A dangerous trend has developed from teens having relationships on smart phones and social networks. Technology has interrupted an important adolescent phase. Adolescence is the time kids get to figure out how to have intimate relationships.

10 reasons to let your child study abroad

Has your high schooler come to you asking to take a year abroad? Or your undergrad, has she said she wanted to take time away from the quad and go to Qatar? And did you hold your breath?

She’s Sugar and Spice but not so Nice

Texting at night affects teens’ sleep & academic performance

In a unique study at three New Jersey high schools, a Rutgers researcher discovered that teens' texting affects their school performance and daytime sleepiness — but only when done after they turn out the lights to go to bed.

How to get your daughter to dress age appropriately

The Old “Mom Trick”

There’s an old “mom trick” that mothers have employed since the dawn of transportation. If you want to know what your kid is thinking or doing, drive them somewhere with their friends, keep your mouth shut, and listen to every word of youthful banter in the back seat.