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The Battle Over Inappropriate Teenage Clothing

Does inappropriate teenage clothing drive you nuts? We bet your parents felt the same way.

Young Driver Car Insurance Tips: 6 Ways to Save Money

You may know already that insuring a young driver is expensive. Our insurance rate doubled when we added our 16-year-old daughter to our policy. If you’re insuring your teen soon, now is a good time to research costs.

Why do teens try alcohol? One reason: Instant Gratification

It’s important that you, as a parent, understand these reasons and talk to your kids about the dangers of drinking and using drugs.

Why Did I Say That? Teen Regrets His Mean Words

Before I knew it, a bitter string of mean words I didn’t really intend shot from my lips as I gathered my stuff and walked out. Immediately, I knew I’d rattled a relationship I valued, and I regretted it.

You’ve Found Your Child Engaging in Cybersex, Now What?

How to Help When a Teenager Feels Unpopular

When a teenager feels unpopular, it’s only natural for parents to want to help. But help at this age, takes a different form. Our expert has advice.

The Six College Freshmen You’ll Meet at Thanksgiving

Who will come home for the Thanksgiving break, and will you recognize the new person growing behind that familiar face?

Telling Teenagers That People Change Can Reduce Stress

Reminding teenagers that they and their peers are still growing and changing might be surprisingly helpful.

Have Proactive Discussions with Your Teen About Cybersex and Sexting

How do you talk to your child about sex? Many parents wonder what to say, how to say it and worry if they will mess something up by saying the wrong thing.

“I’ll Do it in a Minute!” What Does That Really Mean? 3 Perspectives

The nine months it takes for the baby to arrive is an eternity, but after you blink and change 10,000 diapers, your newborn is off to college.

When to Talk to Another Parent About a Teenager’s Risky Behavior

A friend’s son sped past her, staring at his screen. What to do? Ideas for when to talk to another parent.

Helping Teenagers Learn to Repair Digital Mistakes

Sarcastic comments, tasteless jokes, inappropriate photos. Teenagers sometimes make mistakes in their digital lives that can lead to hurt feelings or worse.