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Tweens & Teens

Tips To Ace Exams

Is it really already time to start preparing for finals? Final exams can make or break a student’s semester, and many kids feel the pressure, especially when test-taking anxiety sets in. Here are five helpful suggestions for how students can prepare – and parents can offer support – during finals season.

Teen suicide

Over the last three decades, the suicide rate for all Americans has been rising slightly. However, among American teenagers, the rate of suicide is increasing far more rapidly and dramatically. What are the pathways to prevention.

Scholarship application tips

The high cost of a college education means that a lot of students are looking for financial aid to help pay for it. But the competition can be stiff. According to the most recent National Postsecondary Student Aid Study, only 5.5 percent1 of undergraduate students received non-athletic scholarships. What can students do to give themselves the best chance of receiving some much-needed scholarship money?

Paying for college: tips to lower the cost

College is expensive! For example, tuition, room and board at Harvard College cost $52,652 in 2011-12. Add books and other expenses and four years can top a quarter of a million dollars, and Harvard doesn’t even make it onto the top ten of Forbes’ list of the most expensive colleges in the US.

How to prepare your teen for 21st-Century challenges

“The teenage years are unlike any other in a person’s life – it’s a unique in-between period from childhood to adulthood, and it’s helpful to remember that problems during this time are actually normal.”

Tips for teaching teens about money

As children blossom into young men and women, most insist on planning and running their own lives. Parents worry about all the basic essentials for their kids’ independent living, like housing, eating properly, staying warm, being careful at night and more. But most parents forget to teach their youngsters one of the most important lessons of all – financial responsibility.

Raising resilient teen girls

One in five girls in the United States is sexually abused each year. Some do not disclose sexual abuse until they are much older. Here are five tips to combat effects of sexual abuse.

Increased stress puts more teens at risk, doctor warns

“Teens who are overwhelmed by stress often are unable or unwilling to ask for help,” says noted psychologist Dr. Gregory L. Jantz

Indoor tanning is NOT pretty

As a nurse who specializes in skin care, I have become increasingly alarmed by the rise in skin cancers, especially melanoma, among young people. I believe a major contributor to this phenomenon is the practice of indoor tanning.

College writing success 101

"There is no shortage of tips, tricks, and resources to help your student prepare for college writing. The question many home educators are asking: “How do I prepare my student for college writing?”

Summer means unsupervised time – lock up your meds

A weighty discussion

If your child is overweight, discussing that problem can be one of the most difficult conversations you’ll face as a parent. Sarah Stone lists several reasons why parents are hesitant to have the “weight talk” and presents compelling reasons for overcoming that reluctance.